Purchasing Land Now!

We are looking to purchase properties in your area.

  • Seven to nine acre in-fill partials in major US Cities.
  • Access to well traveled streets and walkways.
  • Close proximity to retail, churches, parks, and residential neighborhoods.
  • Areas that meet specific demographic criteria for our communities.


Our Product

Cameron General Contractors and our sister company Resort Lifestyle Communities build, own, and manage luxury style Senior Independent Living Communities across the country. We locate, purchase, zone and develop properties, delivering completed facilities to RLC. RLC takes over the day-to-day operations, management and marketing of our communities upon opening. Both companies were founded in the mid-1990's and have been building and managing communities ever since.

Our communities fit a basic design structure modified for each location. Every community consists of a central living area at the core of the building, as well as two wings branching off with 115 to 128 apartment units inside. All of our 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments feature full kitchens, pre-installed appliances, and many other contemporary features that set us apart from the competition. Our central common areas are complete with a full 100+ seat theater, gym, convenient stores, activity rooms and a dining room that serves three meals a day. 

Beyond providing residents with a great living experience, our communities have a noticeable impact in their cities. Each new community creates 35 jobs in their local area and brings in over 20 million dollars annually in goods and services.

Visit with our Site Selection Team for additional information on our product!

Site Selection Team
Bob Lewis
Director of Development
402-420-2311 email 

Jacob McGlade
Director of Market Research
402-420-2335 email